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Change Management Assessment

Project Warning Signs

Read Five Warning Signs of a Bad Project Leader identify problems early.

As Project Leaders, we rarely think that we are the Captain of the project version of the Titanic or that the problem lies with us.

We blame any problems on our teams, clients, stakeholders, sponsors, or other external factors—not on ourselves.

Learn if you or one of your project leaders is the issue and what to do about it.

Project Post Mortem Best Practices
Featured Workshops

Project Post Mortem Training: Closure, Lessons Learned, & Application

This customized session provides project teams
with actionable insight into the three primary project success factors and 27
key project performance indicators

Project leaders and team members learn to reach agreement and clarify project status, identify project risks, determine ways to improve project performance, and implement an array of multi-industry best practices that fit their specific project and organizational culture.

Project Post Mortem Training and Consulting

Project Kickoff

Project Kickoff & Project Execution

Imagine successful projects as the norm - not the exception.

Unfortunately project teams facing intense pressure and high levels of complexity often skip the most critical step - Project Kick-Off.

Two keys to improving project performance are:

  1. Kicking off a project correctly

  2. Incorporating lessons learned from past projects into your project plan in way that works for your project team.

Project Kickoff and Project Execution Training & Consulting

Project Assessment

Project Best Practices Diagnostic

Successful project leaders know where their projects, project teams, and stakeholders stand at all times. 

Do you?

Use this proven assessment to ensure that you get everyone on the same page, avoid classic project mistakes, identify and manage risks early, and recalibrate in key areas.

Project Best Practices 27-point Assessment

Project Management Training
Available Tools and Resources

Project post mortem training programs challenges best practices whitepaper download

Download top project management challenges whitepaper

Project post mortem training programs best practices blog

Project Management Health Check

Would you like to know how your projects  compare to leading organizations in the areas of Project Definition, Project Planning, and Project Execution Best Practices?

If the answer is Yes, then this complimentary Project Best Practice Analysis is for you.

Project post mortem training programs health check

Project post mortem training programs risk best practices whitepaper download

Download project risk management best practices whitepaper

Project post mortem training programs success factors best practices whitepaper download

Download project execution best practices whitepaper


The Bottom Line

There are a myriad of good project management articles that prescribe how to be a successful project manager. However, too many projects that we undertake fail miserably in the eyes of our stakeholders. So, as a project leader, what should you do?

The first step is to take advantage of what went wrong - and what went right.

Complex and visible projects are difficult to successfully bring in on time and on budget without ruffling a lot of important feathers along the way. Our research shows that over 70% of projects fail to meet original stakeholder expectations. Failed projects mean failed careers and missed opportunities.

Spending a little bit of time to check the pulse during a project and at the end of a project pays big dividends.

Time and time again, when we ask project team members to compare their team's ability to meet its objectives with the process of getting there and with the perception of key non-project team stakeholders, there are wide gaps.

  • The majority (67.5%) of project teams feel that they achieved most or all of their goals.
  • The effectiveness of achieving those goals as measured by roles, processes and relationships was rated an average of 3.8 out of 10.
  • More than half of outside stakeholders (52.3%) felt that the project deliverables did not fully meet their expectations.

Our customized Project Post Mortem process, which is often combined with our Principles of Project Management Workshop, is based upon multi-industry project management best practices and research. The results provide targeted recommendations for success across 27 key project performance indicators by helping project leaders and teams to:

  • Agree upon the current situation and clarify project status.
  • Come to closure as individuals and as a project team.
  • Apply project best practices to determine key takeaways and areas of improvement.
  • Identify and manage project risks.
  • Recalibrate, determine areas of focus, and identify specific next steps.
  • Implement proven solutions that will work for your specific project, culture, and situation.
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