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Welcome to Postmortem!

We believe that every project, past and present, deserves to be saved, shared, and learned from.

The problem is that once you have decided to stop working on your project, business, or startup, being a good shepherd of all you created goes to the wayside as you focus on what is next. Websites hosting isn't paid, domains lapse, followup emails to connections you worked so hard to make go undelivered... The risk of missed opportunities for you and your future ventures is high. 

If you have the time yourself, one solution is: keep track of your digital presence so you don’t miss system updates and payments, monitor your old email account, and ensure that your previous business builds value for you and your future business(s).

But if you don’t have the time, Postmortem was created to help those who don't have time to focus on their past because they are rapidly building their future.

What is project postmortem?

We help founders, builders, and business owners sunset their previous project(s) and point their audience in a new direction. Postmortem puts the perfect bow on your previous project by deploying a simple webpage to your existing URL(s), handling incoming emails, and ensuring a single point of contact.The beauty of choosing the standard option is that you can forget about us as well.

Afraid that you might want to update your postmortem as time goes on? We have a package for that too.

Step 1: Create an account

The first step in creating an account is to sign up. Then go check your email!

Step 2: Connect your domain

Easily connect your domain to your postmortem by following the instructions sent to your email. The process is simple but we are always happy to help you through it. By connecting your domain, you transfer it and the responsibility of managing it to Postmortem. We can work with the accounts of all major domain providers (i.e. GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.) so that the transfer is simple and reliable. Once the domain is connected, your audience will be shown the content you have created for your postmortem. 

Step 3: Write your postmortem

This is the best part! Here is where you tell your story. Some may call this an after action report, others an obituary, but at its core your postmortem allows you as the founder to have the final word. It allows your audience and network to understand why you are done and where you are headed next. This opportunity to redirect focus to whatever you choose means that the sentiments you created in the past add to what you are doing now. Don’t know where to start, here is a guide we wrote

Frequently Asked

What about my email?

After you add your domain to your postmortem, messages to your retired email can be forwarded to an email of your choosing or an auto-reply can be sent to the sender.

Will this replace my current website?

Yes! Postmortem acts as a simplified landing page to replace your current website. Your current website sells your current product or service but your Postmortem is to tell the story of the conclusion of your business and what is next for you!